Welcome to Okanagan jet Riders, a place for those who ride the standup PWC to meet and help build our community. If you are new to standup PWC(Personal Watercraft), let me add some history. Jet Ski is actually a Kawasaki brand name. Seadoos are not Jet Skis, same applies if you ride a stand up Yamaha, the Superjet. The proper names are PWC (Personal Water Craft) or in our case, we refer to ours as Stand Up’s. We love stand up riding, but also like to see a promotion of safety in the sport. A lot of bad press comes to PWCs because some models are ridiculously easy to ride, and with that, comes accidents and incidents that could or should have been prevented. Unfortunately these incidents cause generalizations about PWC users. Most of us sure don’t want to be grouped in with a 10 year old having the controls of a 60mph bullet/torpedo, this is just a receipe for disaster and unfortunately has been the case a few times. We remind riders, always wear an approved PFD(personal floation device)aka a Lifevest. Also, respect other people on the waterways. Avoid riding in close proximity to swimmers, and non powered crafts such as canoes, paddleboards, etc. Watch your distance of powered water vessels and respect their wishes too. Riding and jumping boat wake is awesome, but if the boat operating is making jesters to go away, respect that. Never operate your PWC under the influence of Alcohol. Always do a pre-ride check of your machine. Check the throttle to make sure it opens and CLOSES completely and isn’t sticking. I have seen some horrible incidents with stuck throttle, no was was injured but in one case, an 800SXr went through the side of a $250k wooden restored speed boat. Check your steering controls. And make sure your start/STOP switch operate properly. Incidents will happen, but to try and minimize or eliminate them is the goal. Have fun and be safe out there… Andy…aka Coolnerd

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